On the outside, Kristy Dominiak appeared to have a seemingly
perfect life-a devoted husband, three healthy children, financial
stability, recognition in the community, and a beautiful, lakeside
home with the proverbial white picket fence. But inside...

The Shaken Snow Globe


Kristy Dominiak is the president of Bliss Spiritual Co-­op
a nonprofit retreat house in South Carolina, and a graduate
of the University of Notre Dame. Kristy believes that self-­discovery
is never-­ending and she remains openhearted to life’s journey.


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“The characters are compelling because they’re mostly like us, flawed but trying to get through life fully alive…I alternately was angry with, supportive of, felt sorry for, shared the rage of and ultimately bonded with the writer and her family.”

-Patrick D Murphy


Book Signing and Open Discussion Q & A

August 26, 2016
Grand Rapids, MI
(More Details To Follow)

Book Club

August 27, 2016
River Stop Cafe
52 State Road
Newaygo, MI

Book Signing

August 28, 2016
Grand Rapids, MI

Book Club

September 10, 2016
Columbia, SC

Book Club

September 22-23, 2016
South Bend, IN

Book Club

November 4, 2016
Jacksonville, FL

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